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The Future City

Welcome to Your Future City!

In the Future City Podcast, we speak with extraordinary people you normally wouldn’t hear from about the future of cities. From cocktail artists to urban planners, green thumbs to financial analysts, we share stories about how these creative thinkers and doers are shaping the cities you live in.

Obviously, the views expressed here are our own not those of our employers.

Aug 28, 2021

Architect and public art strategist Samuel Mayze says every city needs an Artist-in-Residence.

Mayze says public art is another piece of infrastructure which brings people together and cities are in dire need of creative curation of their public spaces.

On this episode of The Future City Podcast we speak with...

Aug 14, 2021

The Long Island Railroad’s chief technologist Will Fisher says remote work will keep going if the commute sucks. According to Fisher “If you don’t have competitive commuting options, you will resort to virtual work.”

On this episode of The Future City we speak with Google and Palantir-trained technologist and...

Aug 7, 2021

Economist Donnie Maclurcan says there are ways city dwellers can be encouraged to share more readily.

In this episode of The Future City Podcast we speak with Executive Director of the Post-Growth Institute Donnie Maclurcan. Donnie has spent over 15 years investigating how to re-teach people in cities to feel safe...