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The Future City

Welcome to Your Future City!

In the Future City Podcast, we speak with extraordinary people you normally wouldn’t hear from about the future of cities. From cocktail artists to urban planners, green thumbs to financial analysts, we share stories about how these creative thinkers and doers are shaping the cities you live in.

Obviously, the views expressed here are our own not those of our employers.

Mar 27, 2021

What would it mean if every citizen was a revolutionary optimist? On this episode of The Future City Podcast, we speak with singer, songwriter, activist and racial justice educator Sonny Singh. Sonny is the original member of the Brooklyn Bhangra outfit Red Baraat and also co-founded the political rock band Outernational and recorded an album produced by Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine. Sonny speaks with us about institutional racism, the power of digital spaces for activists and why he is a revolutionary optimist through and through.