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The Future City

Welcome to Your Future City!

In the Future City Podcast, we speak with extraordinary people you normally wouldn’t hear from about the future of cities. From cocktail artists to urban planners, green thumbs to financial analysts, we share stories about how these creative thinkers and doers are shaping the cities you live in.

Obviously, the views expressed here are our own not those of our employers.

Dec 27, 2020

Imagine a city where corporations used their brands for public good? On this episode of The Future City Podcast, we speak with expert brand strategist Sergio Brodsky. Sergio is a corporate leader, marketing guru and founder of the concept of Urban Brand Utility. Sergio shares his own story of getting robbed over 10 times in his hometown of Sao Paulo as well as examples of how brands are lighting up dark alleyways, filtering polluted waterways and fixing potholes so we can live in safe, healthy and enjoyable cities. 


Sérgio Brodsky (L.LM, MBA) is an internationally experienced brand, media and innovation strategist who has worked in senior leadership roles at some of the world’s top brand agencies including Starcom, Omnicom and Initiative. He is the Founder and Principal at strategy and innovation consultancy SURGE and Co-Founder at Tik My Day - Australia's first dedicated TikTok agency. Sérgio is a Columnist and Editorial Board Advisor at Marketing Magazine and has been widely published beyond the trade press by the likes of Vice, The Conversation, Museum-iD, Berlin Marketing Journal, Journal of Futures Studies and many others.